CG 'Standard' Girder Turning Clamps

100 - 2000kg

Girder turning clamps up to 90°


  • The main purpose of the CG girder turning clamps is for the transportation and turning of steel girders (RSJ) through 90° degrees.

They can be used individually, or for longer beams used in pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam as shown in diagram.
The clamps are attached to the horizontal flange of the girder and locked in place by the jaw locking lever. Once lifted the girder will turn through 90° degrees.

Working Load Limits (WLL)

Model WLL
Jaw capacity mm Weight kg*
CG 1 100 - 1000 0 - 16 6
CG 2 200 - 2000 0 - 32 14

*Per clamp. • Please contact our sales team for full technical drawings.

Made in Britain